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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bag into the swing of things!

Hey all! I haven't written a new post in a while, I took a long break from blogging as you might have seen.

I'd like my first post to be about the new world I've been playing in the latest Minecraft update 1.0.0

I have been playing the new Hardcore mode. Hardcore mode for you who don't know are whenever you die that's it. No do overs or restarts. It deletes your world to make it no longer playable again. I have been playing on this world ever since 1.0 has been out and I am loving this mode. It makes everything much better, you have to be more cautious and you actually have to keep track of where you are in the world as opposed to just dying to respawn in your bed.

In addition to you only having one life, the game difficulty is stuck on Hard which means monsters are much more difficult to kill and will hurt you for a lot more damage - that makes caves and ravines much more difficult to take out.  

I will be posting updates to how my world is going and hopefully a lot more tutorials later.

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