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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tutorial : How to survive your first night in Minecraft.

 Just started off in a new world.
 First thing you need to do is to find a tree. Then punch it until it gives you it's wood.
 Then make that wood into wooden planks.

To make a crafting bench.
 Now we need to find some coal/ stone. It is usually found in caves or by mountain sides.

 To mine this, we need a pickaxe. First we need to make a wooden pick. Make sticks then use planks to manufacture it into a pick.
After you make the pickaxe, mine the coal and make it into torches shown below. 
 Oh no! Night has come. Watch out, the monsters come out at night such as zombies, skeletons and creepers.

 If you want to make a wooden door, go ahead. it allows you to get in and out of your building safely.
 I made a stone sword because I play on Hard and I need it to fend away creatures. I recommend one.

 Here I make chests. You can store items in them.
 My house from the inside.
My house facing the entrance. (Also, a zombie.)
 My house from the front.
My house facing the side. The house is 7 long by 7 wide and three high, with a raised middle section for the roof. I hope you enjoyed this, and survived your night.


  1. Minecraft is slowly making me fat, It is ridiculously addicting, good tut, followed.

  2. i wish i had this when i was a noob :D
    still kinda am...:(

  3. Cool as, I must get hold of this game one day

  4. awesome! -- haven't been playing minecraft too much lately :{! -- following!

  5. nice! I haven't seen a minecraft blog with this in it yet, and I've heard that it's hard to do this without guidance.

  6. Ah, I see, and now I must acquire minecraft.

  7. A minecraft blog, I can't wait for new adventures.

  8. You can also dig out your "house" into a mountain or something. I prefer that. Gives you a safer feeling and everything.

  9. Yeah what Fang said haha. Doing it this way will help with creepers. That way they can only explode your exposed wall.

  10. I've never played Minecraft before, but this tutorial explaining how to start might be enough to get me playing.

    It's nice to see someone explaining stuff for newbies.

  11. @Fang this was for tutorials sake, I usually make underground bases, but they aren't exactly aesthetic.

  12. more and more minecraft everywhere i go... seees i'll have to try it

  13. "Then punch it until it gives you it's wood." I lol'd at that one! nice tutorials tho! following!

  14. Oh wow. I still can't get around the concept of Minecraft.