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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tutorial : How to make a Farm

2x2 hole
The first step in making a farm is to have an unlimited water supply. If you are near an ocean, this step can be skipped.

Dig a 2X2 hole to start off with.

Unlimited Water Source

Now you can put two buckets of water in the upper right hand corner and the bottom left hand corner.

That is your unlimited water source.

Irrigation Hole

Now you can dig a channel for your water to go into. This will be for your farm and it'll make your crops grow much faster than unhydrated land.


Crops tilled and planted

Added steps over water for harvesting.

Fill the canal up with water, make sure all the water connects.

Till the ground with a hoe and plant your seeds.

You can get seeds by using a hoe on the grass.
Fenced in the crops. 

Put some steps over the water to allow you to harvest your crops.

This step is optional. If you want you can add fences around your crops so animals won't trample them, if you are making an indoor farm this won't be a problem.

Crops are grown!

All done farming !

After a couple of Minecraft days, your crops will grow and be ready for harvest. You can make bread out of the wheat you gather.


  1. Cool. Great tutorial.

  2. Half steps over the ditch...
    nice touch. I'm going to use that.

  3. Hello~! Nice minecraft tutorial. It was very easy to understand~ I will give it a try sometime ^^

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  4. I have a feeling that minecraft would be very addictive to me if I learned how to play it, that's why I haven't played it yet.

  5. This game is ridiculously addictive!

  6. the water never runs out?

  7. What Rose sayd. Does it work like that?

  8. Or make an underground farm and put lava-bars over it for lighting purposes to make them grow twice as fast. They'll get light at night, too, so yeah.
    And nope, the water won't run out. The moment you take out a corner of the water, the other three'll flow into that spot, refilling it.

  9. wow, the dev team think of everything

  10. Yea. Also you can place torches around your farm to grow during the night.

  11. My cousin loves this game, maybe I should play it

  12. You know, this is one of the only things I haven't done in minecraft. Just never saw much of a point to it I guess, but I'm used to dying a lot.

  13. I'm seriously going to have to try this, but I feel like i'll get obsessed real fast.

    But your tutorials are so compelling...